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  • 99 Original Item: Type 2 solid barrel band with attached sling swivel for the Snider Pattern 1864 rifle. Like the ones pictured, all are used and in good condition. 640 and . Add To Cart. To install, firstly degrease the barrel band and the location it will be fitted to. The barrel is a . 98 List List Price $19. A barrel band sling swivel is a classic addition to any rifle. 22 tube diameters of  When you need a high-quality sling swivel kit for your gun that will not fail, Uncle Mike's Quick Detach Swivels and Split Barrel Band 1" Slings Metal Black  Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Magnum Band Sling Swivels for Single and as the barrel was too big in diameter for it. Tightening the band screw all the way will almost always keep the sling swivel from rotating on a type I band while the tightness of a band screw on a type II or As the 10/22 is heavily models visually from the M1 carbine, the barrel band was brought in and as a place for a swivel attachment. Barrel Length. grovtec heavy duty push button swivel bases for gt pb swivels. 25 inch, Quick Detach Push Savage Island Sling Swivels for Rifle & Air Rifle Stock and Barrel Fixing TRIROCK 1. Detachable Rifle Sling Swivel for Gun with Barrel Tube Dia . 44 Mag. They accept QD sling swivels with pins of a 3. 850/. 445 fits Most . ) and Grovtec Utility 48×1 Nylon Sling. For use with wood  Barrel Band Swivel Base - A loop completely encircling the barrel of a rifle into which a provision for a sling swivel is integrally machined, also in the interest of a   The circumferential tightening band is leather lined. Part of the spare parts, accoutrements and accessories I kept for all my firearms. Flush Mount Sling Swivels · Rifle Swivel Sets · Shotgun Sling Mounts · Shotgun Swivel Sets · Sling Loop Sets · Sling Swivel Studs · Slings   Super Swivels do not include studs. The earlier barrel band was superseded in 1944 by a barrel band . I see a pic of them on a website. I used the pivot hole for the bipod and made a 10-32 threaded bushing that fit the hole to mount the front swivel. AR-15 Front Sling Swivel Rivet quantity Length. 800-Inch Diameter (Blued, 1-Inch Loop) Uncle Mikes Swivels QD 115 CF 1" Black Add to Cart Review of the Best Ruger 10/22 Barrel Bands. 114-GTSW306 TYPE 1 Front band flat sling swivel. I have not met with success in my searches. Inside of the sling swivel is 1 1/4" wide. . Sometimes people spend so much time selecting the right house that they fail to lock in the best Two sling swivels. 00 The GrovTec Sling Swivel Adapter Set for Remington 760/7600 provides you with the proper tools to give your pump-action and semi-auto firearms that exact, custom fit you've been searching for. The barrel band bands and the swivels swivel. 540"-. Siamese Mauser Barrel Band Sling Swivel Screws Upper Lower Tang Bayonet Lug Stud. 17mach2 bbl, and when I tried to buy a sling swivel bbl. Besides using a sling to carry the gun, I use the sling as a means to steady the rifle when shooting the gun in the field, when no rest is there. Part Description: Original Winchester Sling Swivel and installation screws. 7424 Enfield No4 Sling Swivel Band Screw (Enfield No4 Series). Super Swivels do not include studs. 3. U. Band is marked EFD. GrovTec Two Piece Barrel Band Set . January 14, 2020 at 4:15 pm Link view my other auctions below: visit my entire auction showcase Springfield 03/A3 Lower Barrel Band/Sling Swivel Description : S pringfield Barrel Band This is a lower barrel band with sling swivel for a Springfield 03/A3 rifle It is in very good condition with a grey-black finish. Barrel Band Muzzleloader Sling Attachment. 750" Tube Diameter Split Band 1" Sling S GrovTec Two Piece Barrel Band Set . Our one and two-piece barrel band sets fit almost any firearm from a . GROVTEC US, INC. Bayonet lug and foreward barrel band. Stock with oval German cheek piece, ebony forend tip and steel grip cap. The Weihrauch Sling Swivel Set is a set of two sling swivels for fitting of a sling to Weihrauch rifles. I reciently bought a 24" . We want you to know you've just purchased the best. -Rocking—Classic rocking chairs are the perfect addition to a nursery or living room. Barrel Chamber. Steel barrel band includes 1" swivel on band and rear wood mount sling swivel. The stud is in the box in a small brown envelope, but there is no bored and tapped hole along the entire underside of the mag extension or forend. - $27. 775/. This gives better strength when shooting with the sling under tension. Ruger 10/22 Band Sling Swivel Mount Black Matte Barrel Band With Sling Swivel. 700/. Price: $68. 223 . 00 Add to cart. Show First 12 Product(s)  Brownells is your source for Barrel Band Mounts,Slings & Sling Swivels at Brownells parts and accessories. shipped in the white . Thank you. Locking QD Sling Swivels Set by Blackhawk: 08. 00 Hi. , and barrel of some Rugers. The action is color case hardened, barrel rust blued with makers name and caliber engraved. band for it, I can't seem to find anyone that sells them, No one at the gun shows have them, and I can't seem to get any info. 540"-590" S-0512. Uncle Mikes QD Swivels Barrel Band 1391-2 · 281180. 1913-1917 long blade bayonet will fit and lock in place. I haven't been able to find a forward sling swivel for this rifle, checked on Brownell's and Midway; Marlin doesn't show anything on their web site. Left muzzle end. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Uncle Mike's Swivels. Constructed of steel Matte BLack Matte Finish /W BLUED SWIVELS Installation instructions included QD Rifle Sling Swivel 1" Sling Mounting Kit 12 Ga Single Barrel Tub . Brownells is your source for Barrel Band Mounts,Slings & Sling Swivels at Brownells parts and accessories. 6 Sep 2013 For this and other MidwayUSA videos visit the MidwayUSA Video Library: http:// bit. 99 Leather Cobra Sling Deer/Fox Embroidery Rifle Sling Air Gun Strap Hunting M1 M-1 Carbine 30 barrel band MMQ marked Type 2 or 3 NR | eBay M1 M-1 Carbine 30 barrel band JI marked Type 2 or 3 SG Inland NR Or try listing here in the Want to Buy, A junk type III bayo with stripped out threads, all you need is a swivel. It also has a captive vertical bolt on the opposite side to provide tension. ly/18FOxXF A barrel band sling swivel is a classic addition to  Swivels work with 1 inches slings; Magnum split barrel band base mounts without tools or dismantling; Fits most single barrel 12-gauge shotguns . It and the rear sling swivel bases are the wide type like are found on the old super grade Winchester Model 70. For the buttstock attachment, I've got a leather buttstock cover on the way from Levergun Leather. 21. Uncle Mike's Magnum band shotgun swivels is available with the following options: Model #15972: The unit on my dad's stock has a nut on the inside and a shoulder screw. Then install a sling loop from another band or base. TRIROCK new 1. . Mounting it in this location will prevent the sling swivel from 'tapping' the end cap & causing noise in a hunting situation. NZ$49. 1" fits lever action w/. Band and swivel are parkerized (med/dark gray). Sling Swivel Stud set comes with quick detachable swivels and can be attached to either the top or M1 Carbine Type 1A barrel band complete with swivel & screw- Indland UI. Barrel Band Sling Swivel Mount (BLACK MATTE) For Ruger® 10/22®, 10/22® BARREL BAND SLING SWIVEL MADE IN THE USA This steel swivel set replaces the alloy factory one. Shotgun Sling; Refine by No filters applied Magnum Band Swivel - Single & Over Unders $16. 2. Check Pyramid Air Gun web site and see if there is any in the High Quality Gun Sling Swivels New Detachable 16 Gauge Single Barrel CS Shotgun Swivels S-5952(1") 1. Insurance is extra. This allows me to have the sling and bipod attached at the same time. Watch along as Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, show how he fits the band to the barrel and solders it on. 95 Sale. Used in *Good* condition. If I remember right you tighten it down tight and it still rotates. Winchester Shotgun Stocks, Winchester Shotgun Stocks, Winchester Shotgun Parts Kits, Winchester Pump Shotgun Parts, Winchester Automatic Shotgun Parts,Winchester Shotgun Magazines, Winchester Shotgun Barrels, Winchester Cowboy Action shotgujn Parts. 99. Reproduction, US GI Specs. We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item. European Sling Swivel $ 21. 22 Rifles with Wood Stocks, Easy Attachment for Straps & Slings, Quick Detachment from Screw-In Stud, Barrel Band Fits . Ultimate Arms Gear steel replacement for the factory barrel band on a 10/22 that will not interfere with the factory front sight. Swedish M96 Model 1896 Mauser Barrel Band And Sling Swivel Middle Band C249 1" fits lever action w/. 825 Diameter, Uncle Mike's. LEE METFORD, MLE barrel band and sling swivel. Nov 13, 2006 · I'm looking towards putting a sling on my 30 30 marlin rifle. Sep 13, 2010 · Less than $15 bucks, swivel studs and swivels. A groove is cut into one inside end. a) to clear bush when bending over and not get caught. 1 . Winchester introduced the model 1897 slide action shotgun in the year 1897 as an improved version of its predicessor, the model 1893, and production was discontinued in 1957. Ak. AirForce Talon/Condor Swivel Stud Set. 725" Tube Magazines 1" Loops Black GrovTec Two-Piece Barrel Band Fits . It does have the barrel band mounted upper sling swivel. Second question, what is the best method of installing the barrel band. I am tracking Model 1895, 405, serial #53664 in an upcoming auction. It slides onto the fore stock ahead of the barrel band, or can be used to replace the barrel band (which is purely for show). Type 1A band with UP swivel. IP recoil plate. The fit and finish are not the greatest but everything fits onto the gun with no issues. Threaded/screwed (peened) would be quite sufficient for holding power. These riles are individually made and each requires many hours of hand work. now available: 4 row 19 hole heat shields. The barrel contour is in the style of the vintage Rigby's. Heilmann, Grass Valley, California. When I was fire lapping the barrel, I noticed that the rifle did not have a barrel band or a swivel stud on the forearm. A single (1), friction-fitted, barrel-band of classic Spanish design. Drill and tap for mounting of custom swivel stud base between barrels. Nov 13, 2003 · Thompsons with vertical foregrips fitted with sling swivels are probably 1928s, not 1928A1s. Sent with Australia Post Standard. The sling attachment is easy to install and is made of high-quality material to handle the weather. 850 To . 590" Tactical £9. 750 Diameter, Uncle Mike's QD Magnum Split Barrel Band - 12 Gauge - . 5mm diameter. Uses what is known as a sling frog to hold the rear of the sling in place and the front loops thru barrel band and adjusts with sling rivet. Edit: 6 Serial number stamped on left side of barrel. Original bayonet band unique to the MkIV rifle. Please view all pictures. These are factory originals from an 1885 rifle. 675 This is exactly what I was looking for, almost. & Wm. 88. Not that strength is a vital consideration with a barrel band on a . This worked great! i also put some blue locktite on the stud before i screwed it in. Condition is Used. </p> GrovTec Two-Piece Barrel Band Fits . Sep 15, 2017 · All of the threaded Sling Swivel studs on the market (Uncle Mikes etc. Please note this kit will not fit current Production H009B Henry Brass . Size:1" 6. My SU16CA came with the KT M4 fore end and no bipod. With the ability to remove the QD with a single hand the user can easily squeeze the mechanism for the simplest attachment and detachment. NECG Classic Barrel Band Swivel. Story Barrel Front barrel band with swivel stud for 10/22, $25 Barrel Band Ruger 10/22 Steel Blue Or Just want this one for the front band QD stud, since the 1" swivels is too small for the Garand sling: BlackHawk Lok-Down Sling Swivel Set Ruger 10/22, $14 (comes with all the wood screws - best choice - then just need QD swivel kit from below 1" Sling Swivels for Mossberg 590/835 Cap & Swivel Set (Black) Two Piece Barrel Band and 1" Swivel Set For Tube Size . I looked at the band size, mic'd my magazine tube and found this model to be too small. Excluding weekends and holidays Bayonet Barrel Band with Sling Swivel Original Martini Henry MK IV Enfield - 102129/4. If you are not completely satisfied, we make sure you will be. Provide for some articulation! 1" Sling Swivel Set (two swivels are included). Step 8: Swivel and Sling Installation Now, you're finally ready to install the actual swivel and rig a sling. Shop. So I will need to either add a front inlet sling swivel or add a barrel band swivel - if such a thing exists in stainless. Make offer - 20Ga Rifle Shotgun Sling Swivels fits Magnum Band Split Barrel Band Hunting Rifle Shotgun Quick Detach Sling Swivel Post Stud Screw Set Hunting Kit £4. Winchester 57 Stock with barrel band and sling swivels and butt plate. 1" Swivel Set For Side-By-Side Double Barrel Shotguns by GROVTEC Special base and two 4-48 screws to fit between barrels of side-by-side doubles. Sep 23, 2010 · The sling-swivel package has a replacement for the forearm screw. Edit: 4 Left side of handguard. The mag tube runs all the way to the end of the Allen Glenwood Sling Mossy Oak. 900" diameter. However, when I purchased a sling for it, the swivel will not go through the front swivel post which is on the tube magazine of the rifle. Marine One Tactical provides our customers with the highest quality gear at the best prices. The taper on the barrel is usually constant from the muzzle to where you will want to place the banded swivel stud. Barrel band: Use the threaded-all-the-way-up machine thread swivel stud, as shown in the middle of the picture below. Both models sport an American walnut stock, adjustable semi-buckhorn rear and bead front sights, blued steel 18. Some collectors have tried to rectify this issue by attempting to remove the swivel s in a way so that they can be re attached later. I recently picked up a M70 SS 375, with a walnut stock instead of the tupperwear. Bands are supplied as cast with or without screw (where applicable), however we suggest screw should be fitted whilst band is being fitted to stock. 99 $ 19 . Without seeing either carbine I’d bet the first post is about a type I barrel band while the other is about a type II or type III band. 220 Thompson Center White Mountain Carbine , . A. - New Improved Front Sling Swivel - Current product stocks have the front sling swivel integral with the barrel band. 3) I have been lead to believe that the original purpose of a barrel band sling swivel was to lower the muzzle height when the rifle is slung over a shoulder. Other than that, there's no actual performance reason to retain it on the gun. I have a Marlin 1895 Cowboy in 45-70 with the octagon barrel, and I would really like to put sling swivels on it so that I can shoot prone with the sling as support, like in high power. + Fits Ruger 10 22 Sling Swivel Barrel Band Attachment 10/22 Milled Aluminum Black. My friend desires not to do any drilling and doesn't want just a sling that obscures his sights. Model 1877 Springfield Carbine caliber . Stock Configuration & Condition: The stock is a beautiful oil-finished walnut item with a barrel band, which houses the forward sling swivel, the rear swivel is installed into the belly of the stock. 675"-. I wrap a single layer of 80g wet& dry around the barrel out near the muzzle and slip the band on over the paper and start 'sanding' the inside until I have it where I want it. Easy Rider Shotgun Sling - Camo by Butler Creek: 10. R. Shipping is only $1. The mounting includes a band which is adapted to be tightened around a barrel by means of a screw device For use with Magazine Tube Clamps or Swivel Studs. This is a factory part removed from service rifles. 96. 98 $ 8 . Good   SLING SWIVELS for use with standard swivel studs or magazine tube clamps ( barrel bands). This way, you’ll have a good idea of which ones stand out as the ideal barrel band for you. 630-. No swivel stud on your shotgun forearm? Want to mount a sling on your lever action rifle's magazine tube? Our GT™ Barrel Band Swivel Sets are your answer. Your best bet will be side mounting the swivel. Shop our vast selection and save! New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. Two gold bands on barrel breach. RIFLE SLING SWIVEL (ML2) Ref: S679. S. Sling is handy during hunting or when you need to carry a shotgun for a long periods of time. Edit: 8 Does anyone know if there is a barrel band sling swivel that will fit a . $100. The rear sling swivel is located on the upper/rear part of the buttstock, just in front of the buttplate tang. 95 Sale price £38. Dec 17, 2012 · A simple job to drill and place it. 43” barrel, tubular magazine, and sling swivel studs. Bridle legs feature sleeves for sling protection. New CS shogun swivels S-5952 (1") 115 SG-3- 1"" SHTGN SWVL FITS: split barrel band for most 16 gauge shotguns Packing as picture 3 2. 45 colt classic carbine that does not require soldering? I don't want to GrovTec swivel kit. Other country. Screw-fastened, “Madrid-type” “half” buttplate with a pointed upper finial and a squared base. Round barrel with express style open sights, band type sight ramp and sling swivel . P1853 Enfield Front Barrel Band w/o Swivel (2 band) $100. 00. Swivel sling mount for a Ruger 10/22 barrel band. Leather Rifle Sling by T. Oct 02, 2018 · The cheapest and the easiest way to attach a sling to your Remington 870 is to get sling swivels, front sling attachment (Magpul, S&J Hardware, Choate etc. Some Inland bands and swivels are unmarked. Qualified Gunsmiths offering good old-fashioned service. 22 rimfire magazine tube of . Golden, Gunmakers to the Late King of Prussia. item number qd sling swivel d-ring style I found myself a new project gun it is a winchester model 12 and the last 2"on the barrel have a pretty good ding in it. There has been a significant improvement over . It and two others just like it were in a box of new old stock parts I bought a couple years age. Late Stamped Steel Construction with A Blued Finish. C 1903 Sling Swivel. There is a barrel band for sling mount attached directly to the barrel just in front of the forend. gold bead front sight, integrally-machined "full-band" sling swivel mount, integral recoil lug and integral matted quarter rib with 1 standing and 2 folding gold-lined express sights engraved for 100 & 250 yards respectively. Type 38 Butt Plate Screw/Sling Swivel Screw (Short) Type 38 Butt Plate/Sling Swivel Screw (Long) Type 38 Rear Barrel Band: Have any questions about our Henry Pride items? Email Allison using this form, or call toll free 844-451-1899 Mar 21, 2017 · Best AR-15 Sling Mount AmmoLand Gun News. 900 Diameter. 00 ea. Keep drum handling elevation to a minimum. P1853 A barrel band is a swivel stud attached to a band that clamps on your barrel. Phone: (406) 388 Contact Us. Ultra Light Red 223 Muzzle Brake 1/2x28 Thread Pitch Linear Comp For . Markings can be found on both the tang and the rear of the barrel, including a crown over the letters DP. The engraved trigger-guard with a curled rear finger-spur with an integral sling-swivel “loop” and pointed leaf finials. The piece that fits on the barrel band and the screw slides Jul 01, 2010 · For the "pre-free floated" barrel model, a band kit for a Rem 7600 will fit or any barrel band kit measuring between . 3) I have been lead to believe that the original purpose of a barrel band sling swivel was to lower the muzzle height when the rifle is slung over a  Gun Sling Swivels and Fittings for Rifles, Shotguns, Airguns and Airsoft Guns with Free Remington 7600 / 7600 Rifle Full Barrel Band for QD Sling Swivels  Barrel Band Mounts. gun sling swivel 3. sling stud qd swivel barrel band sling swivel shotgun swivel push button sling swivel qd sling Popular shotgun sling swivel Products: gun sling strap quick release swivel rifle shotgun screw swivel trirock push button sling swivel shotgun strap mossberg sling barrel sling Big promotion for shotgun sling swivel: shotgun shoulder strap m4 sling Another thought , I have a barrel band forward sling swivel mount on a Beeman air rifle, it is two peice, that clamps around the barrel and tightens with a screw, the barrel on my . 430-. 420" diameter up to shotgun barrel with a . 00: M1816 rear barrel band Front swivel mounts on magazine tubes . What is interesting to me is that a barrel band with sling swivel located just forward of the vertical foregrip was offered by AO in 1922. I have set up all my TC rifle bbls, and some of my pistol bbls, with Uncle Mike's Barrel band sling swivels. It gives you the option of mounting the sling on the bottom or side of the rifle. -Swivel—These allow you to turn a full 360 degrees with ease. This sling swivel seems to be of unique design with two steel plates and and a pin securing it to the buttstock (please, see pictures). Based on the way that slings attach to a firearm, there are 3 standard sling types. Type 38 Rifle Parts . 3 carbines When I insert the adaptor that fits in the barrel band it opens up the band so wide that it slides off of the Fore-end. This is a very nice barrel band for Sharps 1859 rifle. Set includes ½" forend screw, ¾" rear buttstock screw, 2 white spacers, barrel band swivel stud and two one inch wide swivels. This set comes with one standard QD stud mounted swivel and one on a 16mm Band to fit onto the following rifle barrels… HW80; HW90; HW95; And other 16mm barrel diameter air rifles. Shotgun Swivels mounts on most pumps and autos except Browning 2000; Winchester 1400, Ithaca 37, Savage 30, Sears 21 and 30 or Stevens pumps. B96 Winchester Model 57 Barrel Band Sling Swivel W. 675 dia barrel or mag tube SLING SWIVEL SETS. Your Price: Ergo 4293BK Ergo Aluminum Sling Swivel and Mount Silver The other model is our 'Buehler Classic", with custom machined banded rear sight ramp, banded flush front sight ramp and sling swivel band. Will accept sling up to 5 cm. Swivels and Bands; Description Condition: Make: Quantity Available: Price; QD SWIVELS SET SS Image: NEW: RED: 10: 8. Gas Block Journal their customers and we’re not a one-man band selling AR15 No gun smithing skills required. ) Quick-detach swivel bases for barrels or magazine tubes. These fit into the band that goes around the FAL barrel to mount the swivel. The front sling swivel mount grabs the magazine tube securely and the rear mount installs easily after drilling a pilot hole in the butt stock. 45-70 Buffalo Classic. Padded Cover attaches to sling via hook and loop fasteners. For owners of Ruger 10/22 carbines or take-down models that have a barrel band, this adapter provides a forward 1. Back in the late 90s I worked at the local gun shop, one of the most common “gunsmithing” jobs we’d get (after scope mounting) was the installation of sling swivel studs into wood stocks. The top swivel was attached to the upper barrel band. 0'' Rifle Sling Swivels for Remington 870 Express Sling Mounting Kit - 12 Gauge gun Magazine Cap adapter Swivels S-8002 by TRIROCK £12. We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to be hunting in a field, sitting in a duck blind, or out fishing on the water. Buy Sun Optics 1&quot; Loop Swivel Set with . Also includes 3/4" wood screw stud rear and one pair GT Locking Swivels. 675 will fit as it's depicted in my attached 760 barrel picture. Uncle Mikes swivels will fit all four, but some cheap swivels that came on a couple of new slings will not fit any of them. No one makes a sling set for it, but the combination of a 20-gauge sling swivel meant to clamp on the magazine tube of a 20-gauge and the universal rifle sling gives me a carry sling for the AR-7 when assembled for use. Swivel Barrel Band With 1898 Mauser 1898 We have a wide variety of gun swivels on sale to choose from, with multiple swivel mount options; choose from Picatinny rail mounting, mounts that slide over the barrel, and more. IPN coded front sight. This offering is for 1 of our Enfield No4 Sling Swivel Band Screws. I have seen pictures of 97's with a magazine band that has this provision, but I can't find a source. I would like to use a swivel sling on my HR . Unit price / per . Sling for the Mauser K98 and the Yugo M48 rifles with thru stock provision on stock. What are your thoughts Sling swivel stud (QD stud) installation with KLEINENDORST – SLING SWIVEL DRILL FIXTURE I’ve been in the gun business a long time. So all it takes is a couple of minutes, the right kind of tools and you’re in business. 7424 Beautifully machined steel barrel band sling swivel studs for that classic safari rifle look. My Carbine is missing the sling swivel from the barrel band. 115 M357 1"" RIFLE SWVL. Uncle Mike's has all sorts of strange sling gear. is $18. All others include studs or barrel bands, depending on type. Uncle Mikes QD 1" Sling Swivels (Pair) 09. 50 by first class usps. 89 Save 28% All Avaialble Winchester Gun Parts and Gun Stocks, Bob's Gun Shop, Winchester Factory shotgun Parts. Rifle swivels. Check Price and Reviews. 177 cal Beeman would be pretty close to the outside diameter of your Henrys outer magazine tube. gun accessories 5. 95 Tried barrel clamp first then switched to forearm swivel. The partial Magnum band fore-end base clasps your magazine tube or barrel for easy installation without dismantling the firearm The close Machining tolerances provide smooth and silent operation The Uncle Mike's quick detachable sling swive set features a unique quick detachable (QD) design that stops the metal swivel body from contacting the gun Quick-detach swivel bases for barrels or magazine tubes. 69 caliber – armory bright - 44 ¾” length – tapered round – smoothbore. Includes set of 1" sling swivels on the band to allow a sling to be mounted on bottom or side of the rifle. Jul 03, 2005 · If you ever want to make a barrel band swivel for a Mauser 98 military barrel(98K,GEW 98, '09, '08, etc. enf Modern made Riflemans hook type Sling Swivel, blued steel finish. Design, materials, finish and function come together to elevate performance in the field! GrovTec TM 's Swivel Sets are among the best in the business. 700-. 19 $18. Other factory markings can be found on the side of the Feb 26, 2009 · I have a new Mossberg 500 Persuader and need some help regarding the front sling swivel. Another caution applies particularly to rifles with injection molded synthetic stocks, but can be a problem with any rifle. These tools consist of an adapter bolt, spacers, 3/4" rear wood screw swivel stud, and a single pair of GrovTec locking swivels; and can easily replace Holds 15 each 2 ¾" & 3" Shotshells in Elastic bands. It features a 27” heavy barrel and an overall length of 46 ¾”. 825 Diameter, Uncle. 800\" . PURCHASE . Want to mount a sling on your lever action rifle's magazine tube? Our GT™ Barrel Band Swivel Sets are your answer. Swivel set fits Ruger 10/22, Ruger Mini-30, Ruger Mini-14 etc. 50 + £4. Barrel Band Sling Attachment allows the attachment of a rifle sling to the Knight Rifle’s barrel. Our goal is to create products that bring the deep passion for the outdoors into our everyday lives. 00; Winchester 70 Model Original pre Barrel Roberts 257 64 1950 1950 64 257 Winchester pre Barrel 70 Roberts Original Model fast shipping. Leather is good but, needs stitching, etc. Slings & Sling Swivels. Military Slings Mauser 98K Sling Used Surplus SLI-MAU98K. 135. - Contains: Necessary hardware to install sling swivels on Ruger rifles with barrel bands - A threaded stud designed for installing into wood or synthetic stocks is included for the butt stock attachment - A specially designed fore end stud that mates with the barrel band is also Mar 07, 2018 · Forums › Other Parts, Accessories, & Equipment › Sling setup for Benjamin break barrel rifle. ) I don't want to scratch the English walnut stock nor do I want to have the barrel band show scraping or undo wear Barrel Bands. winchester brass bead sight. This offering is for 1 of our Carcano M38 Short Rifle Rear Barrel Band Sling Swivel Assemblies. Click Here for the  14 Aug 2017 I have a feeling I already know the answer to this question but here goes anyway. The stock is correctly cartouched for production at Springfield Armory. Marked with either I. 800 - . Highwood IP stock with light cartoushe. Shooters and instructors may find these a Re: Barrel band sling swivel studs « Reply #11 on: July 07, 2011, 09:29:03 PM » I almost think it's a carrry over  sling placement from the old days of shorter  forends on double rifles, but it's as good an explaination as I've heard. USA MADE GrovTec TM 1" Sling Swivel Set for your Side-by-Side Double Barrel Shotgun. 420-. It comes with 3 studs (one for the rear and 2 for the front, this gives you the option of mounting it to he barrel band or in to the stock, or use both in the front and have a bi pod and a sling). Not available for 28 or . Pin. Sling attachments from Browning give your rifle or shotgun the expanded ability of being more mobile and versatile over a standard stock setup. 750-. Slings & Sling Swivels - Barrel Band Mounts. 283814583780 THE TALLEY GUARANTEE NOTHING IS TOUGHER THAN A TALLEY The Talley Guarantee: At Talley Manufacturing, we place our customers first. The stock has been cut for a recoil pad, so I don't have a problem putting a swivel on. Camo Easy Rider Stretch Sling In 1927 the Finnish Army adopted the M27 which was an entirely new design built on the Mosin action. See our huge selection of gun parts for sale today. As clarified by other responders, this was not a factory fitment. Grovtec Barrel Band Swivel Set for Centrefire Lever Action Rifles 0. Beeswax block Band and swivel are new old stock unmarked. The stock is 57 ¼” with a 2 ½” drop and a trigger pull of 13 ¼”. The Gentry Barrel Band mounts the sling swivel stud on the barrel for that classic look, while leaving more room for the shooter’s forward hand. from the Uncle Mike's website. I personally do not like the slings that loop around the barrel. so I used the 1591-2 for one inch slings  Uncle Mike's 115 RGS Sling Swivel Wood Screw Set, One Each 1/2-Inch and 3/4- Inch, White For end adapter with stud installed in the barrel band of gun. The parts are IP receiver serial # 177XXXX, Underwood barrel 2-43 no type 3 band mark. The side rear sling attachement is held in place by two wood screws. The screw was shortened and relocated to the bottom of the barrel band and staked to prevent removal. This sling swivel is as close to a universal sling swivel as possible. These swivel mounts and studs are ideal for any situation. George Gibbs sporting rifle in 30/06, all original with many features including: 24 inch barrel with barrel band front sight with hood, barrel band sling swivel, 4 leaf express sight and peep sight with dual peep holes, extra front sight blade in the trap grip cap, trap butt plate, hinged floor plate with guard release, high grade European Late Gunmakers to The Royal Armouries. 25" sling mount without drilling into the stock. M1 CARBINE TYPE 1 BARREL BAND SCREW M1 Carbine type 1 barrel for high quality rifles that have a nice barrel band swivel mount and say a Ken Howell type inletted stud, what sling swivels do you recommend? A. We are strong believers that people should be ready at any moment to protect themselves and their families and thats why we are here! Check out our inventory of amazing products or feel free to call us if you need assistance! It must have been one of their more basic custom jobs as they used the NRA stock the rifle came in. It is a big screw, and most rifles that have seen a couple of hunting seasons or more will have the screw rusted in place. Out of Stock. Some of the swivels below can be supplied as cast, with or without screw supplied, or screw fitted assembled and polished. 22s 1" Loops: AUD0. The harness, sling strap, swivels, magazine tube clamp, hex wrench and installation instructions are all included. 99 The Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop is the most revolutionary design for QD attachments to date. So untie your sling and install the best locking swivel sling loop you can get, making your next trip to the field a real joy. Available in 6 diameters, Magnum split barrel band base mounts easily without tools or dismantling. This sling swivel would be correct to install on many different Winchester Lever Actions from the late 1800's and early 1900's. 470" Diameters, Rear Wood Stock Screw Stud, Made of Hard and Strong Steel, Black Satin Finish, Made in USA. Available in 6 diameters, Magnum split barrel band base mounts  Results 1 - 48 of 680 Eagle Rock Gear, QD Sling Swivels 1. ) I don't want to rattle around on a hunt like a goof B. Allows a sling to be mounted on bottom or side of the rifle. Steel in the white and ready to finish to match the firearm. SPECS: 1 inch loop, Steel construction, Black oxide finish, 2 piece band and securing screw for the front attachment measuring . Lee Metford, MLE barrel band and sling swivel. That's what I did for my AR-7. B Gunn: 07. USA – -(Ammoland. 12ga & . The close machining tolerances provide smooth and silent operation. Blank Picatinny Stock Jun 07, 2018 · Though not as strong as a steel band, it is stronger than nylon. There are 3 faint to very faint weld scars on top of the band. Contact Us. 750" Tube The Allen Company Sling Swivel set is designed to be attached to the buttstock and forend stock of the Ruger® 10/22® rifle with barrel bands and other Ruger® rifles with barrel bands. Our Price: $9. P1853 Enfield Middle Barrel Band. The band is in good shape and includes the sling swivel but there are scratches and some dings (see photos). Shipping with tracking and insurance $14. Made in the United States of America. I screwed in the shorter one ( it comes with two) a few inches behind the barrel band sling stud for mounting a bipod. Using the gun with the barrel mount caused a binding on my arm when working the slide, with the forearm mount I don't have that problem. 880" 20GA Rifle Sling Swivel Mount Kit With Split Barrel Band for 20 Gauge Shotgun. I recently acquired a nice Winchester model 97 riot gun. 22. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. sling swivel and 3 attachment screws. Manufacturer codes were often omitted on these UTG® Low-Pro Picatinny Mount Angled QD Sling Swivel Adaptor: Item # 18703: $12. Gunsmithing Products. Includes sling loop, barrel band and screw. FWIW Original Winchester Model 70 pre 64 257 Roberts 1950 Barrel Original Winchester Model: $350. 900 Diameter, Uncle Mike's QD Magnum Split Barrel Band - 12 Gauge - . AirForce. NECG Classic Barrel Band Swivel R-300. 22 Barrel Band featuring For . Pumps & Autos Swivel $11. 410 gauge Save ruger 10 22 sling swivels to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. In any event you will have to buy the swivel cap. So it might be fitting to add your sling and use it for hands-free carrying. I made it as a QD , so take down capability is retained . I have seen these installed on many deluxe grade and high end rifles. First question, did the Safari Express come with barrel band or a stud on the forearm? For the life of me, I can not remember. 95 . 850-inch, 3/4 inch rear swivel stud and spacer, Allen wrench, 2 locking swivels Normally such rifles have their front sling swivels mounted to the barrel by a band rather than screwed into the forearm. The Gentry Barrel Band mounts the sling swivel stud on the barrel for that classic look, while leaving more room for the shooter’s hand. But, there are sling swivels, and there are sling swivels. As you go through each one, take note of the characteristics and features that catch your eye. The barrel has a distinct flat at the breech, which makes a smooth transition to the tang. Most orders ship same day. Made by DS Arms Us 1917 Enfield Sling And Stacking Swivel Band Screws - Us Military - Nos. Allows you to mount a sling without drilling a hole for a sling swivel stud on the forward part of the stock. 45-70 Government, 22" barrel, walnut, 1890 protective barrel band, sling bar & ring, original cleaning rod and extractor, aged patina 1 S and S Firearms Purveyors of Military Americana Established 1957 74-11 MYRTLE AVENUE, GLENDALE, NEW YORK 11385 Telephone 718-497-1100 Fax 718-497-1105 Scope Rings, Recoil Pads, Gun Stock Finishing Kitrs, Rifle Slings, Rifle Sling Swivels, Shell Catchers, Top Page Commerial Web Site, 3/4 Inch Barrel Band Swivel Moved Permanently. This barrel band differs from the #4 rifle barrel band due to its shape, being flatter across the top. Barrel Band Mounts. 49 Save 24% GrovTec US Hd Push Button Swivel Set Black 1 1/4" 2 Pack $26. S&I $5. Winchester 94 Carbine, Rear Barrel Band With Sling Swivel : $38. The pictures are considered part of the description so check the photos carefully before bidding. I purchased a Winchester 9422 XTR WinCam rifle last wekend at a gun show and it is a beautiful little gun. The Second Style Barrel Band. Barrels: 24 inch cold hammer forged barrel with 1:8 inch twist and barrel band sling swivel Triggers: Ruger LC6 trigger Stock: Checkered walnut pistol grip stock Stock Dimensions: 13 1/2 inch LOP Fore End: Checkered walnut fore end with ebony tip Butt Pad: Ruger red rubber pad Weight: 7 lbs. Attaching a sling to a double barrel is a job for a gunsmith. The outside diameter features a double contour to blend perfectly with no sharp edges to catch or snag. For 1" slings. They pass over the rib and therefore are in the site window. Swivel has narrow ¼” opening. 22 Tube Magazine Magnum Band Sling Swivels (Blued, 1-Inch Loop) I found one of these at a gun show the split band fit on the barrel & sight clamp on my 24V Tactical Slings and Sling Swivels Sling mounts for AR15, M16, M4 Uncle Mike's Magnum band shotgun swivels on sale and available from our online store. This is a discussion on 1903 Sling Swivel within the Steel and Wood forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; I just picked up a 1903A1 and the front sling swivel was offset. This muzzleloader sling attachment allows for an easy adjustment for user preference. The swivel was constructed from wire. (Please note that our Harnessed Rifle Slings already include the required Sling Swivels. It has 24" barrel, checkered stock, shotgun butt with rubber butt plate. Edit: 3 Rear barrel band and foreward sling swivel. 850" - . Uncle Mikes QD Sling Swivel Bases: 06. Original L1A1 front sling swivel, in *Good* condition. I bought an Uncle Mike's sling swivel stud kit for like $15 bucks. Sold individually. Does anyone know where I can get one of those, and can you … Barrel Band Sling Swivel found in: Uncle Mike's QD Full Barrel Band Swivels, Uncle Mike's QD Magnum Split Barrel Band - 12 Gauge - . 5 22 reviews. Custom Sling Swivel $ 21. B-IP flip sight with NO stake marks on receiver. 630" - 0. Made in USA. The split barrel band should ideally be fitted from 13 to 17 inches forward from the trigger. Therefore, the athlete's neuromuscular  On all of our slings, the PRS sling included, the webbing at the back that has the swivel sewn in we call the “tail”. They are very easy to install and work very well. I have had Unkle Mikes magazine-band swivel studs on a 92, a 94, a 9422, and a 9422M for going on 40 years with never a problem. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. $18. 1 7/8" long. Like the ones pictured, all are in good used condition and are complete ie: band, swicel and cross screw. 1898 Mauser Barrel Band With Swivel. They include single-, two- and three-point attachment styles, while the most popular and widespread gun sling features 2 attachment points. This swivel blocks the rear barrel band from going fully forward, and thus the barreled action cannot be removed from the stock. 357 Magnum 1894C Carbine QD Split Band Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Magnum Band Sling Swivels for Single and Over/Unders, . Use this stock with your standard factory Ruger 10/22 sights or, order military style sights - TechSights 100 or TechSights 200. Just reshape the part with the dovetail and install the base upside down on the barrel to the second barrel step. Ultimate Arms Gear US Springfield M1903 M1903A3 1903 A3 Barrel Band Sling Stacking Swivel Upper Front & Lower Rear Mount + Two-Point Sling, Desert Tanpair double MIM 14033big small plate adapter attachmentcast stocktri-lock super release push magpuluncle mike john masen promag tapcoPackage Includes: Springfield 1903 A3 Band + Sling, Desert Tan. I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a sling mount/ swivel for the gun. Views : 1177 | Subscribe March 7, 2018 at 8:03 pm Link fishinwrenchParticipant Member I have seen some Benjamin rifles with a sling bracket at the forearm. I put an Uncle Mike's barrel band swivel stud on it, and as I feared, it seems my groups have opened up a little. Sold Individually. These 1" Sling Swivels are Made in U. 6 row 29 hole heat shield riveted to the type w bayonet attachment with 6 steel rivets. Edit: 7 Left side of buttstock, and rear sling retainer.  I have never had problem with the sling swivel stud on my 458 Ruger pre-warning with my hand getting Winchester Swivels for sale on eBay. 6 oz. I just made one for mine that had the factory rear swivel . ), a 1909 Argy Carbine front sight base makes a dandy one. A lot of early century open sighted rifles had long barrels to increase the sight plane and a barrel band kept the muzzle lower. This sling is small, lightweight, and easy to attach. Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Sling Swivel Set Mag Tubes . May require fitting. looks like it has had some old repairs(see pictures) Please see pictures and ask questions. Weihrauch Sling Swivel Set. Jan 13, 2020 · I used the barrel band on the cocking lever of my HW97 successfully, but the TX doesn't have a secure latch. Edit: 5 Left side of reciever and mannlicher style internal magazine. 70" wide that held the barrel and stock together more securely. -Recliner—These chairs are a casual seating option for living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. Be sure that you get one that fits the diameter of your barrel. Barrel Band . Following the same reasoning as was used with the Berdan II, the Cossack, Dragoon and Cavalry models were all produced with sling slots rather than fixed swivels. Then drill/tap the side of the barrel band on a carbine (can peen the inside end of the threaded stud shaft for an even more secure mounting). The rear looks like it has coarse threads on it? On my stock it has what looks like a plastic plug maybe? My question is Do I predrill this spot and thread the swivel in there? Thanks! Related Products to GrovTec US Two Piece Barrel Band Swivel Set GrovTec US Recessed Plunger Heavy Duty Push Button Swivels $24. Ignition is flintlock (1” size flint). Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable . 00 due to increase in shipping insurance for Ca. Sep 22, 2008 · I recently inherited a 760 in . The front sight is a brass lug on upper barrel band. The M39 barrel band is held in place by a spring similar to the M91/30. Winchester Model 1897 / 97 Slide Action Shotguns: 1897 - 1957. This is a very nice IP carbine with NO dissapointments. 58 caliber tapered round 39" barrel is rifled with three wide lands and narrower grooves. 308 - LOVE the rifle. Attaching a sling to a bolt action shotgun only requires a standard swivel mounting kit for a rifle. 22lr. A sling with a front 'hook' was incorporated to attach around the front band tightening screw. Is this factory correct or after market? There does not appear to be a sling mount on the buttstock. Sling swivels attach the stud to the firearms and the swivel size has to match the sling stud width. Barrel end of sling has an Elastic band section to absorb the shock when walking with the shotgun shouldered. Wrap around checkering on forend and pistol grip. 00 delivery Features (added/eliminated): Eliminated Early M91 Type-2 front band (w/sling swivel), and added Early M91 Type-3 front Barrel Band. Brownells is your source for Slings & Sling Swivels,Shooting Accessories at Brownells parts and accessories. 22" tapered round barrel with hooded full-band front sight, custom swivel base, and quarter rib with 1 standing and two folding gold-lined express sights, engraved: S. I've seen double rifles with double bands for a sling swivel and am looking for a similar arrangement for a friend's shotgun. Slings & Sling Swivels - Sling Swivel Studs. I want to put a sling on it for deer hunting, and I was told by my local gun shop that I need to use a barrel-band type configuration for the front swivel, as the fore-end cap screw for my particular model doesn't allow for a swivel. 675" Diameter (GTSW-43) I've got an excellent condition 1955 Savage 99F that I'm trying to put a sling on without drilling. Larry shows a tip of how he uses a bit of pencil lead to keep the solder from going where it's not wanted. ID of band is 1 1/4" x 1 3/4". Simply install these studs, slap on a sling, and get to toting around your Browning firearm with confidence know your rifle or shotgun is safely secure. The stock has a rear inlet sling swivel, but no front swivel. 900"  Peter Dyson | PARTS, TOOLS & ACCESSORIES | ORIGINAL BARREL BANDS & SLING SWIVELS. 50 caliber, 21" octagon-to-round barrel, walnut, blued, rubber recoil pad, sling studs, used AAS-781 . Screw has Du-Lite finish. You need to remove the old screw, and that can be difficult. $145. These can fit in either type of supplied sling swivel stud. 74 QuickView Sep 06, 2013 · A barrel band sling swivel is a classic addition to any rifle. Mossberg 590/835 Swivel $14. 09. Flush Mount Sling Swivels; DSA FAL SA58 Metric Front Sling Swivel Assembly For standard contour Metric barrels. 725" Tub Our Low Price $16. 741 Main Street Claremont, NH 03743 Call: (603) 287-4836 Magnum Band Swivel - Single & Over Unders Magnum split barrel band base mounts without tools or dismantling Marlin . The M39 has two set of sling attachment points. (Cartridge Bandoliers and other accessories are sold separately - see "ACCESSORIES" tab. Inside diameter is straight GI SLING ADAPTER for Ruger 10/22 with barrel band - $15. ) are 10-32 so they will just thread right into the modified hole. The steel model sports a Sling Swivels and Plates (142 Products) Grovtec US Inc GTSW46 Swivel Sets 2 Piece Band. 686. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. This is a fullstock made from European walnut with a satin finish. V or E-M, this band has an enlarged bearing base for the pommel of the P1887 sword  Uncle Mike's Magnum Band Sling Swivel Set for 16ga and 12ga Shotguns 1" Scope Ring Picatinny Weaver Rail Laser Flashlight Mount W/ Barrel Adapter  Sling swivels can be mounted to a long gun in various ways, for instance with wood or machine screws attached to the stock, a barrel band, or by using adapters  Cheap gun sling, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:Sparta Gun Sling Qd Super Swivels with Magnum Band Split Barrel for Most 12 Gauge Shotgun . The front sling swivel is located on the right side of the rear barrel band. These attach the front sling swivel or stacking swivel to the barrel ban May 16, 2020 · WTB Beretta 38A barrel band sling swivel assy - posted in Italian Submachine Guns: Looking for Beretta 38A barrel band sling swivel assy. 850\"   35 Remington. It has a Padded Cover the secures the shotshells in their loops and protects the shotshells. Material:special steel Please feel free to contact with us if you have any demands or questions on If you’re still in two minds about barrel band sling swivel and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. GTSW42: Grovtec One Piece Barrel Band Swivel Set . early musket front brass barrel band, possibly French Marine: Good: M1816 middle barrel band, complete with sling swivel: Good: $225. PM-IP buttplate. 30/30 Rifles above Serial # TTB041010. Incorporating Carr Bros. For use with wood stock only. Designed with a thin band for a clean, custom look. 0'' Full Band Sling Swivels Mounts on most . Sling Swivel Mounts, single point, 3 point, MI, YHM, daniel defense Re: How to drill and tap '92 barrel band for sling swivel? Post by Pete44ru » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:34 pm If you happen by a gunshow in the NEXT year , parts vendors usually have a box or three of QD studs/screws (both machine & wood screws) for about $1ea. Regular price £38. No swivel stud on your shotgun forearm? Want to mount a sling on your lever action rifle's magazine tube? Our GT™ Barrel Band Swivel Sets are your answer. Two Quick Detachable sling swivels for a 1” sling. and No. 00: QD LOCKING QD SWIVELS 1" SET Image: NEW: UM 30+" long sling wedded to swivel and barrel band. All our products carry a money back guarantee. 675" dia. All Inland bands will have 3 spot welds. A perfect fit for your side-by-side! Simply drill and tap to mount the custom swivel stud base between barrels. Barrel Band Sling found in: Uncle Mike's QD Full Barrel Band Swivels, Uncle Mike's QD Magnum Split Barrel Band - 20 Gauge - . please ask for a shipping quote Shipping to Ca. On the newer application we do not want it to loosen or tighten the screw when you pick it up by the sling as it is doing double duty holding the barrel band also. The driving force behind creating the Barrel Band is Everyday Outdoors. I was thinking about cutting barrell back to 24" and installing screw in choke and putting sling swivels on it but I am having a problem finding the sling swivels,does anybody know where I can find them? The . 39 $18. In overall good+/very good untouched condition. Primary differences are an improved front sight with protective “ears” and a combined front barrel band and nose cap. The document has moved here. Shop our vast selection and save! No swivel stud on your shotgun forearm? Want to mount a sling on your lever action rifle's magazine tube? Our GT™ Barrel Band Swivel Sets are your answer. swivel lock 4. 630" to . 860"-. The band is marked UI and most swivels are unmarked but some are marked UI. wide. 1 3/16" wide. Please let me know if you have one for sale. com)- The devil is in the details. The lower rear sling swivel is similar to the the M27. Shop our vast selection and save! Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Ruger Auto and Single Shot Carbines Sling Swivels with a Fore-end adapter that fits barrel band of 10/22, . HGTSW-40 fits all Henry rimfire H001/H003/H004 series rifles HGTSW-302 fits Henry centerfire H006/H009/H010 series rifles. Product Title 3PC Sling Swivel Screws,Swivel Sling Wood Screw Stud Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $8. 20ga. You can find rifle sling swivels for almost any application - be it tactical, hunting, or target shooting - and at every price point. One blade-type sling swivel stud that is designed to be mounted on the front barrel band, clamped between the two ends of the band where they are screwed together on the bottom of the gun. The following is a list of the five best Ruger 10/22 barrel bands. The swivels are pretty self explanatory, just loosen the small grippy knob thing on the side of the swivel, then push it inward and twist to open the swivel. Or upgrade to a plastic stock - should have swivel mount already installed in butt stock. Remington 1917 Enfield Rifle - Bolt Stop Spring - Blue - Original Usgi - Nos Dec 05, 1972 · A gun barrel mounting for a sling swivel of the type having a hinge pin for mounting purposes. It replaces the mag tube band screw so it can be placed on either side. #5 Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine, rear barrel band, complete with sling swivel and screw. 45. Detachable Sling Swivels With Barrel or Magazine Tube Dia of. Extra  The Precision Rifle Sling comes with your choice of attachment methods; QD swivels, AI Hooks or universal webbing tails to route through the loops on your  30 May 2020 By hanging weights from resistance bands, the instability of the movements is drastically increased. Any ideas on finding a barrel band? toc barrel bolt w/swivel base mossberg 500 . It appears one swivel mounts on the mag tube and the other on the stock. barrel band sling swivel

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